Perthera's unique approach, which we identify as Precision Cancer Analysis (PCA), creates a detailed molecular analysis of a patient’s cancer that goes beyond what is understood by genomic analysis.
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Step 1: Biopsy

Your initial Perthera contact will be one of our Patient Coordinators. Patient Coordinators are more than administrators and paper movers, they are professionals with advanced degrees who are passionate about introducing you to precision medicine and Perthera’s patient-centered philosophy.
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Step 2: Profile

The first priority of the precision medicine process is to obtain a complete profile of your cancer and obtain your patient history — key components to understanding you and how your cancer is unique. We will do this in close coordination with your oncologist and other members of your cancer care team.
I just got my first scan results since starting the clinical trial 8 weeks ago and have some good news!

Patient In clinical trials

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Step 3: Analysis

Once we have a complete biological analysis of your cancer, we’ll obtain a deeper understanding of your cancer by using our ExpO databank of previous case histories and outcomes to crunch the data revealed by your molecular tests. Using ExpO, we will match your specific molecular signature and clinical data to a curated list of literature, drugs, and clinical trials to provide you with a variety of treatment options.
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Step 4: Review

Our Medical Review Panel (MRP) provides their analysis of your case. Our MRP consists of oncologists, researchers, and other experts from all over the country who specialize in your cancer type. The panel may also include your personal oncologist who is free to contribute at his or her discretion.
Thank you for your care and encouragement to continue on my journey!

Patient Expressing Thanks

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Step 5: Report

The Perthera Precision Cancer Analysis (PCA) report is a single, actionable report explaining how your cancer is unique. It provides treatment possibilities listed in order of which options could benefit you the most and identifies all drugs (in various clinical development stages and availability) your oncologist may recommend.
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Step 6: Treatment

Once your oncologist reviews the in-depth report, we can consult with them, discuss your situation, and share our vast knowledge of precision medicine advances and clinical trial possibilities. If you decide to enroll in a clinical trial, we can help complete all necessary paperwork and administrative details.
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Step 7: Data

With your permission, we include your cancer experience, into our proprietary databank, including all outcomes. This way, our expertise becomes deeper and more valuable, so we can put it to use for other cancer patients who also turn to Perthera to become the precision medicine member of their cancer care team.
Your report is the best most comprehensive, clear report we have read. Thank you to all.

Patient About PCA Report

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